July 3rd

July 3, 2008

Another long and intense, but very fruitful day. (Fruit-full too🙂 Fruits in Vietnam are so colorful, interesting-looking and delicious! Well, except the durians…;p)


Today was the first day to have the leadership workshop for our high school mentees. We covered topics such as what is a leader, service leadership, co-leadership, team building, and conflict resolution. I was pleased with the mentees’ participation in the discussion. They were also really engaged in our application activities which were human knots and strawbuilding. Personally, I found the strawbuilding activity very interesting. For this activity, we divided the students into three groups and the task for them was to build the tallest structure with drinking straws and tapes in 5 minutes. One of the groups immediately started to build, the other made a plan first and divided the tasks among the group members, some were not agreeing with each other’s ideas, one group had a smart idea to stick the tape to the floor… And the final artworks were all so different; a stable straw tent-looking building, a big Eiffel tower-pyramid (stability in doubt), and a skinny tower that corrupted in a second. This activity was not only fun and exciting (which is crucial as we all agree, because learning starts from fun and this kind of thing is what you remember the most later on), but perfect for exercising leadership and demonstrating team work.


It was also our first day to meet the street children. Their levels of English varied, but through fun games we overcame language barrier. Their genuine smiles are gems.


Today was a hectic and challenging day for everyone, but hey, we handled it very well with our problem solving skills and flexibility! I was impressed by how much leadership skills that we cover in our workshop were actually carried out in our meetings.


Lastly, what an ambitious bunch we have! I respect all the members in PV08. I am so lucky to be working with you all. Great job🙂


-Azusa Tagami




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