Tomorrow will be a better day

July 6, 2008

As it’s getting fairly late into the night, especially since we’re supposed to get up at 5am or earlier tomorrow in order to start rolling at 6am, I reckon it’s not wise of me to stay up much longer. However, I was supposed to blog yesterday but found no time to do so until now. It’s definitely hard to function with 4 hours of sleep  so I apologize if this is not a sufficient post even though my head is filled with thoughts – pleasant and disturbing alike – that I actually do want to let out and share with everyone.

I wholeheartedly agree with Mov when he said in our evening discussion that before we start feeling frustrated about what we haven’t accomplished, we need to keep things in perspective and realize that SEALNet PV 08 has gone a very long way. For me personally, it has been amazing to see the level of enthusiasm in the our mentees and May 15 children. Once I caught my mentee coming in late after a break so I walked out of the workshop to talk to her just to find out that she just came up to the English classroom on her own to see how she can help after hearing about the challenges in the English program at May 15. Today we visited Binh Loi shelter where I got to see with my own eyes how one individual can make a big impact in the lives of many others. It was also such a pleasant surprise to see how well-behaved and motivated the kids at this shelter were. A lot of Vietnamese youngsters just like myself have once given hope in our government and our country; but after interacting with the 9x generation from privileged as well as underprivileged backgrounds I definitely feel a lot more optimistic.

Another highlight of SEALNet PV 08 so far is doubtlessly our participants. I was totally blown away by how incredible you all are; and we’ve gelled together so well ever since the first day too! Nonetheless it was a bit disappointing to see how dedicated and intelligent as all SEALNet PV 08 members are, we have not managed to fully focus on our tasks and be as efficient as we could be. I’m feeling a little bit shattered right now but I’m sure when I wake up in the morning I’ll gather all my energy back. Tomorrow will be a better day 🙂



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