One World, One Dream

July 8, 2008

It turned out that today has gone a little bit air-condensed. So we needed to take a breath at intervals. 🙂

In the morning, we, computing group, were trying to prepare a proposal to have our website of PV08 introduced to the whole team. The website framework at the beginning ran into a words’ confusion where detail-oriented or grand blue print were on the stage.

However, we all came to an agreement to have the proposal discussed with mentees who actually would be the crucial knots to have the website connected. That was the thing that we had an kinda agreement that a facebook group was faire enough for the early phase. Though for the long-term structure, we are going to concrete it soon.

The mid-evaluation session in the afternoon somehow underwent a tough time. This was not expected at all out of the whole team’s mind. Taking deep breath and shaking body things were not that refreshing while it seemed just like another tough minute was on its way right after we breathed or shook away the previous one.

Certain “magnetic” voice was there trying to dig out something which turned out to be unnecessarily negative. People seemed to be undergoing huge emotional pressure which unconsciously blew us down.

It was just what I have been feeling through the session which I considered it miserable and it rendered me speechless as well as deparately mentally stressed out.

Hopefully enough that the de-briefing part tonight was quite successful and SEALNet PV08 proved itself again an unconquerable strong team ever, and full of fun, definitely!:D

One SEALNet World, One Love Dream~:)

Love you all,



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