Sunny day

July 8, 2008

Get up at 7 am and found that I suffer from a sore throat. That’s not a problem but still makes me uncomfortable.

It’s really a sunny day because I have to go around the city from district 1 to district 5 for English championship’s stuff. Thank God, Thien gave me a ride and I don’t need to go alone. She knows where to buy things such as: roll of paper, streamers, a kind of sparkling powder for decoration,… just because she’s a student of architecture university.

In the afternoon, KMu, Azusa, Mov, Thien, Rongkun and I draw the painting for EC. It’s really interested. I’m not good at drawing at all. In my childhood, I always asked for help from my aunt. She’s a good painter and thanks to her I got good mark with drawing. But today, I do a good job. My painting looks colorful and funny. I admire Thien so much. How vivic her painting is. Mov teachs everybody how to dance. He’s a cool dancer and cute. I like him very much 😛 We all hope that EC will succeed and try our best to carry it out.

I also find something interesting in this afternoon. I can’t believe in my eyes: Jeremy is a good teacher. He’s so gentle to the kids. In some ways, he’s so patient with the kids, teaching them the color in English with color pencils.

Oh, I need to go now just because of the injury that Shang has this afternoon while he’s playing around with the kids. Poor my son!!!

Thao Viola


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