the 3 I’s: Information, Initiatives, Interests …

July 8, 2008

Today is the 5th day of the PV08, and unlike the past few days of the project, we got to visit Binh Loi shelter in the morning which is 30 minutes away from our Le Duy hotel. The regular leadership workshop hours were, instead,devoted to creating fundraising and awareness promotional materials for the shelter. And our mentees are the ones responsible for the task. 

Basically, the visit in the morning was an informational workshop for the mentees to collect  all relevant information and facts about the shelter, which is to be included into their brochure and postcards. And they had the afternoon to work on their information compilation and brochure and postcard designing.The brochures and postcards created would be used as a sample design that will be eventually got printed in large quantity to be presented to Binh Loi shelter to benefit them in term of fundraising and awareness promotion.

Talking about today morning, I need to give credits to our mentees for taking initiatives in interacting with the Binh Loi shelter children during the time when the team members were having a hard time finding the shelter. Obviously there were some confusion going on with taxi drivers about the shelter’s address, and thus led to the delayed arrival at the shelter. We, PV08 team members, just have to say sorry and thank you to the mentees here!!! 

Right after the visit to the Binh Loi shelter, our team members had asked the mentees to join us for lunch, a great social bonding between mentor-mentee as this is exactly what we need at this exact moment. ; ) and guess what ? Hung, my professional mentor from Cambodia SEANLet project 2007, arrived in Vietnam and were warmly welcomed by our team members and everybody else. It’s been a year since I last saw him, and he looks just as good and as intellectual as ever. 

The mentees were given time to work on their fundraising products in the afternoon, and they agreed on to turn in their finalized brochure and postcards 2 days from now. I will get the photos of the products uploaded when I have them available on hand. 

Will get back with brochure and postcards pictures, stay tune !!!


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