Day 9

July 9, 2008

today, the last event for the leadership component came to a close. the mentees, divided into 3 groups were tasked to come up with 3 different community service project proposals to benefit 15MAY School once SEALNet concludes its project here for 2008.

mentees doing their presentation

mentees doing their presentation

I must say, and I believe I speak for most of the team, that we were all very very impressed by most of the presentations. they were all of high quality and rather feasible and practical.

The presentations all displayed organization, good team work and also quite impressive public speaking. I personally feel a sense of satisfaction with the fact that we saw these mentees incorporate the skills obtained from our workshop and applying them so well, it exceeded my expectations; despite them being Vietnam’s brightest bunch. Shang and myself were most impressed with the group which we supervised today (Picture-Dictionary group). They took our critique and tips, and improved their final presentations so impressively. In addition, the feedback we got from them about our series of workshops was generally positive, with some very very encouraging remarks.

During the past week, there were many occasions where we as mentors had doubts about the commitment of the mentees towards working with MAY15 School once we leave, due to the fact that a number of them raised the issue of being able to relate to these ‘street’ children. That being said, I believe we have a new found confidence in their abilities and willingness to continue the work we’ve done and bring it to greater heights, after today’s presentations. some of them even mentioned embarking on their projects immediately after SEALNet PV08 comes to an end.

~ Jeremy


3 Responses to “Day 9”

  1. Phuong said

    Hi PV08!!! Good work guys! šŸ™‚

  2. Die Eid said

    Wow wow Jeremy wrote an entry ^^ that Picture dictionary group were just so lucky to have you guys supervised!

  3. Binh Nguyen said

    Hey Jeremy I like what you commented on our group haha šŸ˜›

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