July 5: Hello World!

July 5, 2008

Hi guys, it’s time for some typing exercise!

Computing is one of the three components of PV08 and it’s time to let you know about what we’ve been doing so far.

To begin with, our vision is a fun and informative computing program for the lovely children from grade 1 to 5 of the 15 may school. What we do is create a customized curriculum with interesting modules such as Emailing, and Internet Primer, bring Internet access back to the library, or the computing lab if you like, not only for our target students but also for every kid at the school to come and enjoy it when the library is open, and design exciting activities to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Component-wise, I think we’ve had a good time. We are pretty close to where we intended to be and are confident that we’re gonna make it. Along the way we’ve also encountered a lot of surprises. The kids are way smarter than we thought. Many of them already know how to use Internet Explorer and some even use Google to look for information. The “young and innocent” kids catch up very quickly. The mentees have shown a great deal of enthusiasm and asked to participate in a variety of activities including the Activities Handbook’s translation, the Internet Monitoring Taskforce (well, the phrase’s just “appeared” in my mind), and ideas contribution. The teacher ‘s been very nice and helpful. He’s shown genuine interest in teaching the kids and provided with many valuable feedbacks as well as recommendations.

For now, we feel very positive about what we’ve been doing but certainly obstacles are inevitable. We’ve had a challenging day trying to finish everything in the lab but 2-3 out of 13 computers are nearly rotten and the AC suddenly felt like it needed to emit some water in addition to cool air :(. Therefore, we decided to take a night off our schedule and have some fun. We went to a nearby restaurant and left roughly 15 minutes after that, which is not a usual thing that most Vietnamese would do. But we had a lot of fun out of doing this and I think this is something I should consider the next time I go to a restaurant ^ ^. We then came to Diamond Plaza, one of the most visible shopping malls in the city. We were there just to have a walk but Rongkun had another purpose. All of us’ve probably known how amazing he is as a person but I think the fact that he often goes to markets just to compare prices is simply so Rongkun. There, we encountered like 200 kids in a variety of the-weirdest-outfits-ever-seen. I was pretty good because it was the first time I really wanted to vomit (I could feel the food wanted to come out of my stomach!) when the weirdest of these weirdest kids passed. What a pity we could not take some pictures for you guys 😐

Next week, we will definitely have the computing lab ready for our two trial classes, which we are all very excited to observe, and we look forward to their success.

As for the whole team, we’ve tried our best and we should look ahead thinking about how we can maximize our remaining time helping the children.

Goodnight, World!